Eye Exam

A routine eye exam consists of the refractive portion and the medical evaluation.  The refractive portion is where the doctor evaluates the patient’s need for prescription eyewear to enhance the patient’s ability to see.  The medical evaluation is when the doctor assesses the health of the patient’s eyes.  Typically, there is an assessment of the [Read More]


Contact Lens Exam

A contact lens exam requires extra evaluation and time for both the doctor and patient.  The spectacle prescription is first gathered and then the proper conversion to a contact lens prescription is determined.  The two prescriptions may not necessarily be the same.  A further measurement of the shape of the eye is taken to ensure [Read More]


Pediatric Eye Exam

Young children have specific needs during an eye exam.  Certain tests may be geared specifically for a child such as picture charts instead of letters.  For the poorly or unresponsive patients, the doctor can determine the need for prescription eyewear without requiring a child’s response.  This may be done with automated equipment and/or a [Read More]


Lasik Consultation

Lasik corrective surgery consultation is a service provided by Advanced Vision Care.  Your doctor can determine if you are a possible candidate for Lasik based on your age, your needs, the stability of your prescription and the health and anatomy of your eyes.  Patients are seen prior to the surgery for evaluation, and typically seen [Read More]